Dan Walsh was one of the great singers of mining songs and ballads of the anthracite coal region of Central Pennsylvania.
Dan lived in Byrnesville (near Centralia) Pa.
Because of the Centralia mine fire Byrnesville no longer exist. The last home was torn down in 1996.
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 Dan Walsh of Byrnesville made four records for the Library of Congress as one of the "singing miners".  He was interviewed for a newspaper article in 1959 regarding those recordings.
Dan began working in the coal mines when he was 9 years old.  He worked the mines for 50 years but took a few years off to sing in the motion picture theaters.  Dan told the newspaper reporter that he "sang solos and those funny illustrated songs where the people would join in the last chorus."  He sang in the Comerford theaters in Wilkes-Barre as well as the old Chamberlin Houses in Shamokin and Lock Haven, and Jamestown, NY and many other places.  He also sang at churches.
Dan took only three singing lessons and the French professor that taught him those lessons told him "you're only wasting my time and your time".    However, Dan did become an accomplished singer winning medals for two successive years at the Pennsylvania Folk Festival at Bucknell University.  He can also be heard on the recently released CD "Songs & Ballads of the Anthracite Miners" which can be purchased on Amazon.com
  Dan gave up professional singing in 1959 due to severe asthma but his voice lives on thanks to the Library of Congress.
 This  summary  about  Dan Walsh  contributed  by his great Granddaughter     Patrica  Logic

Family of (Martin) Daniel Walsh and Ellen Foley of                                     Byrnesville  Pennsylvania

Sabina (7/29/1909-7/4/1961) married Joseph Kowalick (1912-1958)
    1 child - Joseph (6/12/53)

Helen (7/11/1908-7/19/1984) married Richard Moss (3/29/1907-3/20/1968)

Marian (8/24/1914) married Bernard Monaghan (9/9/1909-3/9/1984)
    2 children - Edward (6/16/1942)
             Ellen (12/2/1943) married James Doyle (9/10/1942)
                 3 children:
            Bernadette married John Elisco - 3 children: Michael, Samuel, Emily        
            Maureen married Brian Sheller - 3 children: Gabrielle, Rachael, Brian    
            Patricia married Joseph Logic - 2 children: Madeline, Camille

John (1916-1989) married Josephine DeFlavio (11/5/1923)
    3 children - Michael (10/12/1947) married Joann Lynch - 2 children - Brian, Shannon
               John (12/27/1951) married Barbara White - 1 child - Christopher
                        Patricia (10/20/1954) married David McCowan (div), married Ken Mugler

Alice (7/7/1919-3/12/95) married Daniel Apple
    3 children - Daniel married Betty Platt - 3 children - Eileen, Daniel & Vincent
             Robert married Catherine Rich - 3 children - James, Michael, Daniel
              Sheila marriend Walter Basher (div) - 1 child - Joshua

Daniel (4/19/1922 - 1971) married Lenore Burke
    2 children -   Daniel married Mary Wylie 5 children - Daniel, Rose, Christopher, Kelli Ann, Ryan
    Ellen AnnMarie married John Zelinsky - 1 child - Mary Susan

Jean (08-01-25) married George Micheals(09-24-20)
3 children- Noreen Micheals(08-11-58)
           Kenneth Micheals(08-20-63)
           Sabina Micheals(08-06-61) married Williams Bates -2 children
                        Kira Bates (01-12-85)
                        James Bates (02-14-86)

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Dan Walsh