Byrnesville was a village located between Ashland and Centralia that no longer exist because of the effects of the Centralia Mine Fire

In conjunction with a reunion of the children of the late Joseph and Catherine Brown family, formerly of Byrnesville, former residents, spouses and friends from the village had a reunion at Alfredos restaurant in Fountain Springs, Thursday, July 14, 2005. A large group attended, some traveling great distances to attend this reunion.
WOW ! What a feeling it was to meet former residents that I have not seen for over 10, 20, and even 50 years. Needless to say I did not recognize many that I have not seen since grade school days. Some of the residents left the village over 50 years ago and others relocated in the 80,s and 90's because of the mine fire.

PRERARED BY;    Mike Reilley


BACK ROW:   Joe Brown, George Kinney, Bill Brown, Jim Spieles, Jim Reilley, Frank Burke, Mike Reilley, Kathleen"McDonald" Hogan, Mary Julia "Mahoney" Klimas.
Rose"Donahue" Taylor, Helen "Gerrity" Lanzafame, Sally "Dougherty" Bednar, Joanne "Brown" Simson" Mary Lou "Donahue" Gaughan, FrankSpieles, Margaret Mary Brown, Rita "McIntyre" Bierowski, Theresa "Reilley" Tarlecki.


Joe Brown, Joanne Brown Simson, Bill Brown, Margaret Brown


Joanne "Brown" Simpson, Helen "Gerrity" Lanzafame, Mike Reilley, Roseanne "Donahue" Taylor, Sally "Dougherty" Bednar.


Joe Brown, Jim Spieles, Bill Brown, Jim Reilley


Joanne, Rose and Margaret Mary


Jim Reilley, Frank Spieles, Mike Reilley, Theresa Tarlecki, Frank Burke



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